I’m an IBM i with over 20 years of experience in IBM i and its predecessors, in design, development, analysis, new applications, maintenance, systems administration, in RPG-ILE and all its predecessors, and in COBOL, of course CL programming.

I organized courses with a series of topics for AS/400 programming. The AS/400 was the great-grandfather of the IBM i on Power. A lot of programmers and operators call this new machine an “AS/400”, because IBMi runs all the programs without code changes or even recompiling the source. IBM has been real good at preserving your investment in your existing code and application base, but not so great at getting IBM shops to get up to speed.

Not your grand-daddy’s RPG. Many of us think it should be renamed.

Well, that’s me. I was also a full-time missionary supported completely independently from donations from home and from the “field” itself, and those activities are the most fulfilling memories I have. Love helping other people. Now I have obligations to take care of, I owe, therefore I work.

But I’m fortunate to have worked on the best operating systems ever that I know of, the IBM i and its parents.