See, scientific peer review is overrated by modern scientific tradition, and amateurs are underrated…

Online gamers crack AIDS enzyme puzzle | Games Blog – Yahoo! Games:

Time to break scientists FREE from the constraining strictures of so-called “peer review”. Peer review feeds intellectual corruption, meaning any kind of motivations can hide behind the cloak of anonymity. It is a system with built-in constraints on revolutionary ideas in science, or against any ideas that buck currently entrenched ascendency.

“Peer-reviewed journals” and the reviewers that get to pass judgment on others’ ideas certainly have a vested intellectual and powerful monetary interest in keeping the idea alive, but it does not help further science. They may have a place in the on-line world, if they get their act together quick enough, serving as forums for the open discussion of ideas.

They can also, once they are past their fears of the future, IF THEY ARE HONEST, they can also serve as arbiters of who is first with a new idea or theory, although if everything is in the open, and as long as the Internet is relatively free of authoritarian interference, that may even become free of such institutional dependency.