(Proverbs 11:1 ¶A false balance is abomination to the LORD: but a just weight is his delight.)

SHEFFIELD: Google gets hammered by monsters it created – Washington Times

When I first heard of the “net meutrality” concept, it sounded like a good idea on the surface. Bandwidth allocation should be applied in neutral fashion to any downloads. After all, although I almost never download video, it seems unfair for them to make a download slower “just because” it eats up bandwidth. Or because they didn’t like my choice of web page.

I have contributed to “political net neutrality” myself in disgust over a yahoo warning. I know it’s one reason they’ve lost quite a number of search users, because I can’t be the only one.

I ran into the latter with an obviously political warning message from yahoo after clicking on one of the results of a yahoo search. The web page they intervened with said “This web page is not authorized by yahoo”. The warning provided a clickable URL to the target web site, but it disgusted me because it was obviously a way to scare people off from a web page with some information that, let us say it this way, Obama would not people to look at. I knew enough to click through, but I’m sure it kept some people from viewing a video short that was very effective (and factual).

Whatever your political persuasion, you cannot want a search engine that tilts the results in a way you don’t like. It has already cost yahoo some traffic, even though they’re hurting for traffic.

As for Google, I’ve seen convincing evidence that they favor certain views in their ads, that have political implications.

And listen up, leftists: Beware. If you think control freaks that do such stealth filtering and calculating are harmless when you agree with one or another such example, your turn will come. The fist victims of the Bolsheviks were the Mensheviks, who were supposedly their leftist allies. Once Lenin died and Stalin took over, the first ones to reap what they had sewed upon the Christians and the poor of the country, who had helped forge their chains of slavery, the colleagues of Stalin himself, they all got the firing squad for their trouble.

What does this issue have to do with the Internet?

Google is getting a bit of its own medicine in this “search neutrality” campaign, true. In my experience, I know the political and social causes Google has supported (not necessarily all its employees though) and I hate a great many of them.

That said, it is best to let the free market stay free. If it is worth a bunch of money to the biggest companies to spend a lot of money to influence a government decision that affects them, it’s because government has too much power!

If we can cut back that power and take it back OUT of the hands of government and you cut off the chance of companies like Google, or other power-hungry control freaks to rig the system.

The free market brought a variety of companies to the cellular phone market, and competition has driven the introduction of new technologies to that field without any government intervention.

Competition in pricing has been led by MetroPCS into a fair pricing scheme of unlimited voice and message service. Note that there is no “net neutrality” drive on for handheld phones, in part out of the recognition that the technology is different.

In fact AT&T pointed at MetroPCS as a competitor in markets where they offer service in a Congressional hearing I watched on CSpan, and they were still claiming that the cell phone market is local.

So-called anti-monopoly laws that assign arbitrary up-down power to federal employees to approve or disapprove mergers are one of the aspects of the business environment that actually make business easier for bigger companies! Telecom watchdogs cannot but think about what might help or hurt their post-government future, among other things, without even getting into quid pro quos.

Preston Tucker was bested by government intervention, without which he would have made Detroit into the Big Four instead of the Big Three.

Okay, listen up. The first trustworthy search engine that can offer up even half the results as Google, even much less, in the way people expect them to work, will give Google a run for the money.

Hello out there, where are you?